The Smith County Monument Company delivers flat markers, headstones, monuments and memorials to cemeteries throughout middle Tennessee. Installation anywhere in the U.S.A. is often possible and has been done many times in the past.  If you need a headstone erected out of state, Contact Us for more information.  

Once a marker or monument has been completed at our plant, it is carefully inspected and then driven to the appropriate cemetery.  Depending on the cemetery regulations, the memorial will either be set in place by a cemetery employee or one of our professional installers will place the memorial personally.  Either way, once the installation is complete, a letter will be mailed to the purchaser of record explaining that the memorial has been delivered and that the balance on the order, if any, is now due. If your family lives outside the middle Tennessee area, we are happy to email photographs of the monument upon request.
To get more information about the delivery and installation process or to order a memorial, please Contact Us or fill out our Online Quote Form today.