Planning Ahead

Today, more and more people are opting to select their memorial monument and cemetery lot before the need arises. During times of grief it can be very difficult to make important decisions.  What better way to help ease the confusion, stress and burden from our loved ones than to prearrange our own permanent memorial.

By planning ahead, you ensure that you will have the exact memorial that you envisioned.  You can make the decisions regarding the design of a lasting memorial now and have it designed to fulfill your wishes and expectations. You choose the style, size, color and artwork you prefer. Our caring staff will help you with a personalized design that you help create. We also have many traditional and standard designs you may choose from. Whatever is important and meaningful to you will be reflected in your memorial.  By taking these steps, you can alleviate stress and potential conflicts created when grieving family members are confronting the decision of what might have been your intentions.

Another advantage of planning ahead is that the price of the memorial will be protected from future increases. The cost today will be the final cost-it will not increase as the cost of living increases. You may wish to have the memorial installed now or in the future. In either case, the price will not increase.

Before you purchase a cemetery lot, ask what kind of memorials are allowed. Some allow only flat, bronze markers verses traditional, granite monuments. We are happy to answer your questions regarding cemetery rules and regulations, and any other questions you may have regarding pre planning.

This is your opportunity to tell future generations about yourself and their heritage.  Let us guide you through pre planning today. Call, email or stop in. We are happy to answer your questions.