Getting Started –

Purchasing a memorial is unlike any other purchase you will make.

Let us help you get started to find the perfect memorial.

If you’ve never ordered a gravestone or headstone before or if it’s been a long time since you’ve needed a memorial, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple the process is and how rewarding it can be. You are making decisions that will endure for generations.  Most families either have a general idea of what they are looking for or they are starting from scratch.  This page strives to guide both groups of people through the process to help you design the perfect memorial for your loved one. Here are the steps normally followed but you’re the customer so you’re in charge. We will work at whatever pace you are comfortable with and will answer any questions you may have as they arise.

1. Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Memorial:

A. Cemetery Rules & Regulations: Most cemeteries have regulations regarding the types of grave markers and gravestones allowed. It is important to know these regulations before purchasing your memorial. If you prefer, we can assist you in this matter and show you a headstone that meets the cemetery requirements. If you plan on meeting with us in person, bringing along any cemetery paperwork showing the grave location would be helpful when you visit us. Click Here to learn more about cemetery rules & regulations.

B. Color, Size & Style: After discovering the type of memorial that is accepted by your particular cemetery the next step is to choose the color, size and style of the memorial that best meets your expectations. We have a wide selection of colors, sizes, and styles for you to choose from in our Online Catalog. Should your cemetery only allow bronze markers, we have a variety of sizes and designs for you to make your selection. You may also find it helpful to familiarize yourself with our Glossary of Terms & Shapes in order to gain a better understanding of the various features and types of memorials we have to offer.

image09C. Design: After you have decided on the color, size and style memorial the next thing to consider is the design. It is helpful if you think about the type of design you would like before contacting us or coming in because there are literally thousands of possibilities. Are you interested in religious ornamentation or something more secular? Did your loved one have a hobby, profession or other passion in life you would like commemorated on the headstone? Is there a specific image you want engraved on the memorial? If you bring in an object or photo that was special to the deceased we can replicate the image on the monument for a very personal tribute.

D. Wording: The final item to consider is the wording to be engraved on the memorial. The engraving, or inscription, will name the person resting there, provide a historical record and tell something special about the person to everyone who passes by. Think about how you would like the person’s name to read on the gravestone or headstone. Do you want to use their formal name or something more casual? How about the epitaph? There is something special to say about everyone. If you need some help with ideas, visit the Epitaphs section of our website. If you plan on going through the design and ordering process with us in person, be sure to bring in the full dates of birth and death when you visit us.

2. How To Order A Memorial:

A. By Phone: Ordering over the phone can be a very simple process. If you have found a memorial, gravestone, monument or headstone on our web site and would like to order over the telephone, please call us at (615) 735-1543.

B. Shopping Online: The Smith County Monument Company invites you to use our Online Catalog where you will find a large selection of granite cemetery monuments, headstones, flat grave markers, slant face markers, bevel top markers, gravestones, tombstones, memorial benches, mausoleums, and bronze plaques. If you would like to talk with one of our sales associates about a memorial that you see on our web site or receive a quote, please Contact Us by phone, email, or by filling out our Online Quote Form. Our friendly staff will help you with your selection, provide you with pricing information and can take your order over the phone.

C. In Person: Purchasing a memorial is a very important, personal and emotional process. If you feel more comfortable going through this process and making these decisions with us in person, we want to extend a warm welcome. We will walk you through every step of the way, from beginning to end. To set up an appointment with us, please Contact Us by phone or email.

3. Need Additional Information?

A. If so, it may be helpful to take a moment to visit our FAQ page for answers to specific questions regarding memorials and the memorial purchasing process.

B. You may also be interested in our Additional Items page. Smith County Monument Company does engravings on river stone, granite, and rock for pet memorials, address markers, home & garden décor, and more. You may also create your own designs, purchase items directly off of the website, and have them shipped to your doorstep!