Commercial Signage

Architect, designers and businesses have many options when considering commercial signs.  Granite is one of the best options available due to its durability, lasting beauty and exceptional value.  The classic beauty of granite is incomparable in its longevity and ability to withstand weathering.  Such endurance and stability will make a statement for your office, school, bank, church, hotel, golf course, residential community or your city.  We work closely with you, your architect as well as state and municipal codes personnel to ensure that your completed project will best fit and display your business location.

Smith County Monument Company can create engraved custom signage for your business with your company name, logo, address or just about anything else that you can imagine.  We will design an engraved stone that is an expression of how you wish for your business to be seen.  Stone signs can be cut to virtually any shape desired or left in their natural state.  

At Smith County Monument Company, we use both traditional hand sandblasting processes along with modern computer guided template cutting techniques. Our skilled craftsmen have learned the fine art of creating beautiful stone carvings and engravings through years of experience.

If you can imagine it, Smith County Monument Company can design it, fabricate it and “set it in stone” for you. For sign ideas, please check out the “First Impressions” section of our Online Catalog.
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